I'm fascinated by this band coming to Columbus tonight by the name of Sarah Johnson, and not just because it's a trio of noise-obsessed dudes and not some VH1-approved singer-songwriter. The experimental Minnesota ensemble intrigues for its accessible approach to spazzed-out noise experiments. Their songs have all the makings of a Sword Heaven numberólurching, combustible heaviness; hellish screams; unruly percussionóbut instead of funneling all that into 10-minute endurance tests like the standout Columbus band, Sarah Johnson uses it as framework for music that contains some semblance of rock music as we know it. Despite all the cacophony, the group's songs are fiercely melodic and conveniently concise. Even without any information regarding local support, Sarah Johnson seems like the makings of a great night out at Cafe Bourbon Street, 2216 Summit.

As for TV, the pickings are slim. Biography: The Spice Girls (10 p.m., Biography) will likely be a fun ride for pop culture obsessives, while Run's House (10 p.m., MTV) remains one of the better celebreality shows on the air. And you could always watch Virginia Tech and Kansas duke it out in the Orange Bowl (8 p.m., FOX). For more on that game, check my BCS bowl preview, but keep in mind my poor track record with the other three bowls.