House (9 p.m., FOX) returns tonight with the first of three new episodes in a week. The next one airs immediately after the Super Bowl. Of note: TV Guide has an interview with the beautiful Olivia Wilde about her new role as "Thirteen."

On the non-fiction side of things, Baghdad Hospital: Inside the Red Zone (8:30 p.m., HBO) chronicles the daily experience at a hospital in the midst of a war zone. Sounds like a real downer, but better that than blissfully uninformed, right America? Right?

Not much to rave about on the live music front tonight. Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats is at the Basement ($15, 7 p.m. door), but I think I might puke if I had to listen to swing revival today. No other shows of note are going down.

Tomorrow's slate is much more fruitful. See y'all then.