I have two batches of mellow, melodic fare for you this frigid Monday night.

First, Mansfield's Jonathan Hape (pictured), who from the sounds of his MySpace page has been infusing his melancholy pop with a dash of electronic rhythm, makes his return to Columbus. He's joined by local singer-songwriter the Whetherman, Minnesota's Camera Can't Lie and headliner Windsor Drive, a Wisconsin/Texas hybrid that makes inoffensive stadium pop in the vein of Keane or Coldplay. Should go over real well with the regulars at Bernie's 1896 N. High St. This is advertised as an 8 p.m.-to-midnight affair. No word on the cost.

Over at Andyman's Treehouse, 887 Chambers Road, Austin's Meryll brings their reverb-drenched twang to town. Opening the show will be Kile and Kyle—Joe Kile and Kyle Sowash, performing separate solo sets, to be specific. 10 p.m. start for this one; again, I have no word on the price, but it's bound to be cheap.

As for TV, it's a bad sign when two of EW's picks for the night come from Nickelodeon and ABC Family...