We're back to regular schedule around here, which means it's time to revive the weekly weekend music report. Tonight is stacked, so let's go. (All shows begin at 10 p.m. unless otherwise noted.)

The populist choice on tonight's docket is Guns N' Posers, the costumed GNR tribute band that will perform Appetite For Destruction in its entirety at Skully's, 1151 N. High St. Likeminded fellows Good Company open the show, along with a newish act of local rock vets called Freight Train. More on this show here.

For those with an appetite for something heavier and darker, Ruby Tuesday, 1978 Summit St., has one of the most promising lineups I've seen in a while. Metal masters Deadsea and Teeth of the Hydra are joined by hardcore kings Black Dove and Bad Tat. That's kind of a hard lineup to beat, but my tastes are best satisfied here:

That's right, four of Ohio's best garage punk bands. You get your seriously twisted post-punk edge from Necropolis, your retro garage fix from the Dropdead Sons, your workingman's power trio in Grafton and your charismatic, nihilistic punk courtesy of Night of Pleasure. Any and all of them are like a bag of bricks to the face, and I mean that as the finest endorsement.

Those of you who prefer quieter sounds probably think I've forgotten you, but I have not. Over at Andyman's Treehouse, 887 Chambers Rd., two of the city's highest profile folk acts, Megan Palmer and the Black Swans, will share the stage. Joining them is the hilarious Mark Turns, who is better heard than explained.

All that, plus much-hyped Get Right dance party at he Cove Lounge, 231 N. 5th St., is happening tonight. I don't have as many picks for Saturday and Sunday, but consider one per day:

Saturday Skully's presents another entertaining night of pop-rock headlined by Paper Airplane, who put out John Ross' favorite album of 2007. They're joined by The Razers, project of former Jive Turkey Josh Kayser, and Cincinnati's popular Turnbull ACs. Closing out the night will be Dayton buzz band Toads and Mice.

As for Sunday, your best bet is The Queers at Bernie's. You might recall that the longstanding punk band recorded a live album at the longstanding campus dive last year and put longstanding local "Batman" singer Don B on the cover.