The gradually emerging Lollapalooza lineup is looking pretty sick. I might have to hit that one up.

Radiohead will be there, and they're launching their own social networking site.

Wilco will be there, and Hype Machine has a new song of theirs for download.

Could Sonny Bono have actually been assassinated, not killed in a skiing accident?

Watch With Kristin talked to NBC boss Ben Silverman about the Peacock's fall schedule.

Wanna check out some new Constantines tracks?

In honor of Shine a Light, AV Club offers a sort of Stones 101. (Slate didn't like the movie, by the way.) (And what are the 12 best Stones songs?)

EW has an excerpt of its "Ultimate TV Quiz" online. Dare you take it?

Meanwhile, TV Guide wonders, "Who's your favorite Dunder-Mifflin staffer?" (And check out this touching tribute.)

Wired explains why Battlestar Galactica, entering its fourth and final season tonight, must self-destruct. USA Today has a story too.

MTV has picked up a sex-obsessed puppet series called Fur TV.

MySpace's music store is just about ready to launch.

Lastly, here's a new Tokyo Police Club video for "Tessellate."