RIP Danny Federici, longtime keyboardist for the E Street Band.

In other morbid news, I would prefer if rap battles did not turn into real battles.

TV Guide has comments from Lost producers on the season's final six episodes.

Slate takes on the idiocy of many Internet commenters through the lens of the popular "laughing baby" clip.

Here's an update on Mexico's emo war. David Byrne and Brian Eno have nearly finished a new album together.

EW has a countdown of "MVPs" from 21 seasons of The Real World.

I'm not used to TV actors asking for their character to be killed.

Idolator follows up that MSNBC feature about terrible songs from great albums.

IITS chimes in on the new Weezer single, "Pork and Beans."

Jakob Dylan is playing the Newport Folk Festival? Too good to be true.

I was a big fan of Lykke Li at SXSW. Here's her new video for "I'm Good, I'm Gone."