Welcome to an extra-early edition of the links. Did you see that freaking amazing episode of Lost last night? To keep your Ben Linus high, check out Doc Jensen's theory-heavy recap and the second installment of Jimmy Kimmel's interview with producers "Darlton." Even Popular Mechanics is interviewing these guys.

Jimmy Fallon is officially taking over Late Night when Conan moves to The Tonight Show next year.

I love that Scott Weiland news keeps popping up so often. This time he's working on a new solo album with none other than Steve Albini.

Wesley Snipes is going to jail for three years.

Guillermo Del Toro is officially directing The Hobbit and a Peter Jackson-conceived sequel, which apparently requires moving to New Zealand for four years.

Pitchfork has an interview with Stereolab's Tim Gane about the group's first album in four years.

AV Club has a primer on Elvis Costello, who'll be in town with The Police next week.

The New York Times explains how Apple is prepping for an iPod slump.

HBO's new show Hung is about a well-endowed man.

A robot is going to conduct the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Ready to enjoy some Tim McGraw-flavored Fritos?

Madonna's new album is premiering on MySpace later today.

"Another Day" is the new single from Jamie Lidell. Check the video...