Pitchfork's interview with Spoon is well worth a read.

Wanna hear a new Wolf Parade song?

"Kenneth the Page" picked out his favorite music for EW. They also have a Tina Fey cover story.

I completely disagree with the notion that Kanye West belongs on this list of 20 musical acts that peaked with their first album. Late Registration, people! (Also, the best Sunny Day Real Estate album is How It Feels To Be Something On.)

It's a big day for bookish indie types when Ben Gibbard and Colin Meloy are in the news.

Heard about Gotham Knight, the animated counterpart to the new Batman movie? Yahoo has the trailer.

The Watcher thinks HBO is in serious disarray post-writers' strike.

This is total blog-insider BS, but I must note that I'm upset Idolator won't be able to make fun of Stereogum anymore. The Daily Swarm is tickled.

Spinner is streaming new releases from The Kooks, John Digweed, The Duke Spirit and more.

My Morning Jacket is joining the ranks of "indie rock" acts who've graced the SNL stage.

Rejoice! Lost is officially getting one more hour on this year's schedule, meaning we have six hours' worth of island hijinx still to go when the series returns April 24. Grey's Anatomy is also getting an extra hour. TV Guide explains how the schedule will work out.

As anybody who read my SXSW coverage knows, I love Born Ruffians. Here's their new video for "I Need a Life."