Pitchfork has interviews with She & Him (aka Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) and RZA.

Eddie Izzard is considering a career in politics.

EW has an interview with Mulder & Scully.

Animal Ant Farm getting an entry in the 20th Century Masters collection is not so much infuriating as it is utterly puzzling.

Now that Scott Weiland is out, Velvet Revolver is looking for a new singer... online.

AV Club revisits 16 unanswered TV questions. (Spoiler alert, of course.)

And speaking of spoilers, TV Guide has six juicy Lost tidbits that I am choosing not to read. The Watcher has an interview with "Darlton" (aka producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse) too.

George Bush will appear on an upcoming episode of Deal or No Deal.

Fader has the new Nas single.

I would really enjoy a 50 Cent-Alicia Keys feud. Speaking of his beefs, here he explains his conflict with The Game.

American Idol may be losing its ratings power.

Yellow Swans may have broken up, but Columbus' own Black Swans keep on chuggin'.

I totally agree with Sepinwall that last week's The Office was perfection.

58 percent of music obtained in the U.S. is not paid for.

Ever heard of White Denim? The terrific Texan trio has a new video for "Look That Way At It."