I'm enjoying the ability to embed full-length videos, so if you're looking to engage in serious procrastination today, check out the clip above. It's a 1998 film called Eating, Sleeping, Waiting and Playing: A Film About Air on Tour, streaming this week at Pitchfork.tv. (As noted previously, this year marks the 10th anniversary of Air's Moon Safari.)

Bill Cosby isn't actually rapping on his rap album? What's up with that, puddin' pops?

The Austin City Limits festival revealed its lineup.

Lots of "effing" going on in the TV world lately. Not surprisingly, The Hater thinks 30 Rock's MILF Island and Gossip Girl's OMFG campaign are stupid.

Ex-Daily Show dude Rob Corddry has joined the cast of Oliver Stone's W.

Status Ain't Hood says goodbye to Celtic Frost.

EW has a bunch of video and interviews from the Lost set. And here's an interview with Desmond.

Is it weird to date someone who plays your sister on TV?

This columnist wonders why NBC comedy fans like myself turn up our noses at CBS comedies.

How about another feature on why shows like Friday Night Lights struggle to survive?

Headline: Band Robbed by Fake Italian Policemen.

You can finally hear some of Scarlett Johansson's Tom Waits album.

I can't pretend to be familiar with Robert "Syke Dyke" Reed, but here's hoping he can rest in peace. Check him out in the Trouble Funk video below.