My Bloody Valentine is curating and performing at the New York edition of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival. Other acts include Built to Spill (performing Perfect From Now On, hell yeah), Polvo and Shellac.

Meanwhile A Tribe Called Quest, Nas and Pharcyde are part of the lineup for this year's Rock the Bells.

And punk greats All are reuniting for Chicago's Riot Fest.

Do you realize Lost is coming back tomorrow night? In honor of its return, AV Club has an interview with "Darlton."

Meanwhile, TV Guide had Jimmy Kimmel grill the duo of producers.

The Chicago papers are teaming up to get R. Kelly's court records out of the closet.

EW has an interview with James Franco.

The primary players in The Libertines are getting back together to write... a musical!

Trent Reznor leaked a brand new Nine Inch Nails song (as in, recorded this week) to radio yesterday.

NPR has an interview with Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler.

Conor Oberst is putting out a solo album on Merge Records. How this will be different from a Bright Eyes album I do not know.

Jimmy Fallon is the favorite to replace Conan O'Brien next year.

Here's a detailed report from the set of The Office.

Speaking of Conan, She & Him (aka Zooey & M. Ward) played the show with Yo La Tengo as their backing band. Check it out...