Best show of the night by far is Caribou/F*** Buttons/Sinkane at the Wexner Center. You may recall that Ahmed Gallab, mastermind of utterly watchable Columbus band Sinkane, canceled a bunch of his band's dates in order to go on the road with Caribou as an emergency pinch drummer. That means this show is the only chance for the next several months to see Sinkane, who'll start the show at 9 p.m. sharp. The touring acts, of course, are also well worth watching, as explained in my preview. Tickets cost $12 and can be purchased here.

You can't quite compare a rock show and a DJ set, but the biggest music event of the night is undoubtedly Sasha & Digweed spinning at Karma, 330 S. Front St. In my preview, I explain that although I am no expert on club music, even I know these two, a couple of world's premier record spinners. Dancing to their jams will cost you $25. Attendance can be secured here. Word on the street is their set will begin around 11:30 p.m.

I would be a fool not to mention a third potentially revelatory option. Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave., that bastion of free music and popcorn, will host the latest visit from mad Minnesotans Vampire Hands. They sound nothing like that other Vampire band you might have heard about recently. Joining the bloodsuckers will be The Slide Machine, another member of the Bands to Watch clique, and El Jesus de Magico, who are really not to be missed right now. This one ought to begin around 10 p.m. and is free as can be.