EW is Iron Man list crazy with 25 key top Robert Downey Jr. roles and 19 top comic book movies.

Whoa, Barbara Walters had an affair with a senator in the '70s?

Ever wondered how long phone companies keep your text messages?

XLR8R has a feature on the state of electronica.

Whole Foods is launching a music discovery series and pimping the likes of Greg Laswell.

Judging from these opening acts he has lined up, Trent Reznor must spend a lot of time on the internet.

TV Guide has a rundown of season finales.

Pete Wentz is getting sued for beating up a Fall Out Boy fan.

This whole photo debacle is really messing with Disney's plans for Hannah Montana.

This show comes a little too close to MILF Island.

Lastly, enjoy the new Justice video for "Stress."

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