It's Cinco de Mayo! What's the over-under on how soon this holiday will catch up with St. Patrick's Day in terms of overzealous "cultural celebration" via consumption?

Anyway, Tom Waits is indeed bringing his Glitter and Doom Tour to Columbus on June 28. (Check out the "press conference" below.) That's Comfest Saturday, Waits fans.

Nine Inch Nails is giving away another free album.

Could NIN's old label, TVT Records, owe you money?

In light of Jay-Z's big Live Nation contract, PopMatters speculates on where today's biggest hip-hop stars will be in their old age.

Like Jay-Z, many acts are signing with brands instead of record labels these days.

And speaking of contracts, Family Guy's Seth McFarlane is now the highest paid writer-producer in TV.

CNet has a feature on music bloggers, including the dude who runs Stereogum. I wouldn't really lump Pitchfork in there with those other sites, though.

EW examines what will happen to Jay Leno when NBC's late night musical chairs game begins next year.

Speaking of EW, they've angered Kanye West.

Could MTV be bringing music back to prime time?

Tom Cruise is coming back to Oprah.

Paper has a feature on Mary-Louise Parker.

Lastly, here's that Tom Waits press conference...