Pitchfork has finally seen fit to review the latest from Athens, Ohio's Southeast Engine.

Today is Lost day (duh) so of course I'm linking to the Doc Jensen column (duh).

I assume by now you've all heard about Paula Abdul's big flub on American Idol? Well, in case you haven't, she critiqued a contestant's first and second songs even though he had only performed one. The Watcher wonders why people are just noticing such shenanigans nows.

Really, David Blaine? The world record for holding your breath?

Did you know next February broadcasters are switching to all digital signals, leaving people who watch TV over the airwaves without a way to watch?

The 24 season 7 prequel will be set in Africa.

Could the ability to keep a beat indicate intelligence?

The Jimi Hendrix estate isn't exactly denying the authenticity of his sex tape.

Speaking of hippies, the guy who discovered LSD is dead.

Too many festivals! The latest to announce its lineup is Monolith at Red Rocks.

Mariah Carey: Bigger than Elvis? And (WTF?) is she engaged to Nick Cannon?

"Meredith" from The Office updated her TV Guide blog.

Speaking of The Office, what are the best TV comedies of all time?

Also, this page is super-spoilery, so if you don't want to go there I'll tell you one thing of interest: Amy Ryan (The Wire, Gone Baby Gone) is guesting and possibly joining the cast of The Office.

Check out the work of comic book artist Steve Lieber, who drew characters from The Wire in the style of The Simpsons.

Finally, here's footage of R.E.M. and The Boss rehearsing together for the 2004 Vote For Change Tour.

Stipe and Springsteen from Walker Lamond on Vimeo.