Time to trot out the same old publicity photo because My Bloody Valentine have announced North American tour dates!

And in slightly less exciting but still cool rock reunion news, could The Vaselines be reuniting for Sub Pop's 20th anniversary shindig?

The Jonas Brothers are joining Hannah Montana in the 3D concert movie game.

EW has an interview with Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.

And speaking of superheroes, I'm going to take a stand and say no Matthew McConaughey as Captain America.

Cop killah turned cop impersonator Ice-T will perform with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Check out the trailer for the new Rainn Wilson movie, The Rocker.

I know Columbus has some Wedding Present fans, so check out these new songs from the band.

AV Club chatted up Amy Sedaris.

Bun B and Lil Wayne on the same song? How has Tom Breihan not written about this yet? (Oh, I guess he sort of did. Sort of.)

House could be getting a spin-off series next season.

Sonic Boomers is a new site devoted to serving the boomer population's music journalism needs. (Think of it as Pitchfork for your parents, except isn't that Rolling Stone?)

Could Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) be the title character in question on How I Met Your Mother?

I love how Radiohead kicking off their tour is such a big deal that The New York Times sent a reviewer down to Florida to cover it.

What exactly would qualify as CD 2.0?

Finally, here's a torturous new video from a band called Bear in Heaven. It's entitled "Shining and Free."