Santogold: At least listen to my album before putting me in a genre box. Or else you are racist!

PopWatch wonders: Have you ever resolved to boycott a TV network?

The New York Times has a feature on the guy who provided the voice and body for Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV.

On the same tip, I was sure this story said Jake Gyllenhaal was starring in a new video game, but apparently he is just starring in a film adaptation of a video game. That's too bad—I liked the idea of him taking a risky step to legitimize video games as a venue for respected actors.

This song is supposedly an accumulation of all of the "most wanted" characteristics of music according to a scientific survey, or as this more detailed explanation puts it, "Science proves that people like horrible music." (There was also an attempt to make the most annoying song ever a while back, though this "most wanted" thing sounds like the most annoying to me...)

Who the hell is Cash Warren, and why does he get to marry Jessica Alba?

People get really mad when a dude from Death Cab writes something they perceive as an attack on Radiohead. Check the comments.

Speaking of Radiohead, Q-Tip is having their longtime producer Nigel Godrich work on his next album.

Mike Piazza, known as baseball's No. 1 metal fan and one of Belle and Sebastian's many muses, has retired.

R. Kelly's defense team wants to put well-known Chicago music critic Jim DeRogatis on the stand.

Hey, a new Hold Steady song. I might need some time to come around on this one.

Oh, there's a new Beck song too.

Hey, remember that backwards Seinfeld episode?

Lastly, check out this new video from Citay, "Eye on the Dollar."

Citay, "Eye On The Dollar" from The FADER on Vimeo.