My girlfriend took issue with the premise of my preview for tonight's Raconteurs concert at LC Pavilion, 405 Neil Ave. The piece assesses the merit of various supergroups over the years, rendering a verdict of "Super" or "Blooper" for each act. (Thanks to John Ross for coming up with the clear-cut ratings system.)

Her beef with the story: Are the Raconteurs really a supergroup? Sure, they feature the talents of widely acknowledged rock star Jack White, but do the other three marginally famous musicians—Nashville solo artist Brendan Benson and the rhythm section from Cincinnati's Greenhornes—pack enough marquee-melting punch to qualify this quartet as super along with the likes of CSNY, Blind Faith and the Traveling Wilburys? It's a worthy point of contention. Perhaps you should debate it while shelling out $35 for tonight's show. Doors open at 6 p.m., which means the always-bouncy Black Lips will probably be on stage by 7.