TV chef Julia Child was a World War II spy!

Pitchfork takes an analytical look at Girl Talk.

TV Guide takes a similar look at (surprise!) Mad Men.

The next Harry Potter movie has been bumped back to next summer.

Stereogum is premiering a new Verve track called "I See Houses." Meanwhile, Pitchfork is premiering a new track from Peter Bjorn & John.

Idolator asks: Did any of rock's long-standing icons avoid making a bad career choice in the '80s?

In the grand tradition of conservative politicians pissing off liberal musicians by using their songs, Jackson Browne is suing John McCain.

For those of us who secretly don't know that much about movies, AV Club offers a primer on Woody Allen.

Michael Phelps loves to watch Planet Earth.

This movie is so "indie rock" I can't stand it.

Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit fame is now playing with Marilyn Manson.

Matthew Fox is about to get real paid.

Hip-hop mag The Source is making a comeback.

Finally, remember Travis? They've got a new single called "Something Anything." Here's the video.