Zac Szymusiak has been starting a bunch of new bands lately, and the musician-about-town (who you may know from his recent stints drumming with Dolby F---ers or playing keys and guitar for The Main Street Gospel) debuts his latest project, Mr. Rubberburner, tonight at Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave. They're up last, while Alive Band to Watch Rosehips begins the evening's entertainment. But the headliners, who will perform second, deserve the most attention. They're called Howlies, and Szymusiak describes them as such:

the howlies are from the ATL, on their first national tour, and about to break it big (as big as a band in a van can in '08). they are a sweet mix of classic pop conventions and the 80's college rock undergound. kind of like the black lips, without the sh*tty moustaches and attitudes.

Watch the video, and you'll get the idea. 10 p.m. show, free free free.