MTV reports that Dr. Pepper plans to follow through on its promise to give away a free beverage to everyone in America if Guns 'N Roses' Chinese Democracy comes out this year.

John McCain finally appeared on David Letterman's show yesterday. TV Guide recaps what went down.

Seth Rogen is starring in... a cancer comedy? Actually I have high hopes for a movie like that; could be one of those funny-sad things that I'm so vulnerable to. (Anybody see The Office last night?)

Turns out yesterday's new Eminem song comes from an upcoming new Eminem album.

Pitchfork's Mark Richardson points out that even if punk's anybody-can-do-it spirit has yielded an indie rock landscape with lots of bad singers, at least some of them are making the most of their limitations.

Wanna hear Coldplay's new "Lost!" remix featuring Jay-Z?

And here's another new Kanye track from the upcoming 808s and Heartbreak.

I guess the rapper Murs is a total indie rock freak.

The AV Club staff recounts its best concert experiences. What about you?

Mad Men might not keep creator Matthew Weiner around next year? No!!!

Lastly, what do y'all think of this new Killers video for "Human"? (Oh, and Idolator revealed the best submissions to its Killers cover art contest.)