Monday isn't typically a huge night for live music, but the last gasps of Rocktober are adding up to several intriguing options tonight.

Tokio Hotel is at the Newport tonight, and while they absolutely suck, they fit into the "intriguing" category because they're so bizarre. They look funny. They sound funny. The singer couldn't hit a good note if his life depended on it. And yet the kids go crazy for them, or at least they did on TRL. It's a little bit funny and a little bit sad how all this trend of extreme vocal processing has made so many people who can't sing into studio stars, only to leave them oh-so-exposed when it comes time to perform. Seriously, this poofy-haired singer dude wouldn't make it past the audition stage of American Idol, save perhaps as some sort of Sanjaya-style stunt. That wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't trying to sing in a conventional, melodic style. Maybe he has a great punk growl, or perhaps he's a superb rapper. But for music like this, he had better be able to sing, and he simply cannot. That should make tonight's show a fine exhibit of schadenfreude for anybody willing to scalp their way into a sold-out teeny bopper rock concert for the night. Tickets were $17, and doors open at 7 tonight at the Newport, 1722 N. High St.

Apollo Sunshine's stop at The Basement, 391 Neil Ave., could provide a more positive sort of entertainment. I've barely ever listened to this band, but I am definitely enjoying the space-age psychedelia streaming on their MySpace page at the moment. Wax Fang, Audrye Sessions and Dave Smallen will play too, so your $12 will be well worth it. Doors open at 7 p.m. for this.

Joe Jackson's show at the Southern Theatre, 21 E. Main St., with support from Thea Gilmore, should also be good. Melissa Starker explains why. Still, tickets range from $32.50-$40, so you'll want to be a huge fan.

The most affordable option of the night is Chicago's Le Concorde, who'll visit Rumba Cafe, 2507 Summit St., along with Minneapolis band Grey Coats and local singer-songwriter dudes Winter Makes Sailors and Jonathan Hape. Le Concorde's sleek urban pop barely fits under the indie rock umbrella; it reminds me of broad-smiling '80s radio pop, but there are little touches that also recall high-minded stuff like Air. It's funny that they make a point to insist "Please note: Le Concorde does NOT use pre-recorded tracks for live performance." Find out for yourself! 10 p.m. showtime, probably a $5 cover.

On TV, I've been hearing that Chuck (8 p.m., NBC) is absolutely great this year. Also, the World Series could end tonight. Cheers!