Paste and Blender have already released their year-end best music lists.

Pitchfork has interviews with Max Tundra and The Walkmen.

The Los Angeles Times has a story on one of those dudes who picks out the music for TV shows.

The New York Times, meanwhile, explores the sometimes awesome, sometimes annoying trend of digressions and asides in sitcoms.

As The Shield wrapped up, AV Club talked to series creator Shawn Ryan.

They also counted off 31 long-awaited pop culture projects they'd like to see finished now that Chinese Democracy is officially upon us.

Idolator is wondering just how well that album sold on its bizarre Sunday release date.

Apparently Austin is struggling to remain the live music capital of the world.

Americans are watching more TV than ever.

I would totally like a date with Ikea and Pavement.

Lastly, never thought I'd see F---ed Up and Vampire Weekend collaborating: