I know I cheered the end of campaign coverage just an hour ago, but we can't let election season slip away without running down a few post-electoral pop culture links. Just a few, then we'll get to non-political stuff:

TV Guide tracks the night's best moments. EW does the same.

PopWatch counts down John McCain's top five pop culture moments. Also, EW reports that Tina Fey is officially retiring her Sarah Palin impression so she can focus on 30 Rock.

Slate offers pointers on how to kill time now that the election is over. They're also predicting the media's love affair with Barack Obama will be replaced by contentious relationship.

And did you see CNN's Star Wars-style hologram interviews? So bizarre.

OK, on to good old pop culture links:

Paste has an interview with Nick Cave. A choice quote: "Some people love to masturbate. They do it all the time, compulsively. Itís not like a discipline; they just feel a certain need to do it. Iím a little bit like that with the writing, I get back [at] three in the morning or whenever it is from when Iíve been doing a gig or whatever, and I come back and sit up and write away."

Series creator Tim Kring is promising to simplify the storytelling on Heroes, but it may be too late.

Merle Haggard had a tumor removed from his lung, while Deftones bassist Chi Cheng got hurt pretty bad in a car accident.

An indie band called Francis and the Lights have registered themselves as a corporation rather than sign a record deal.

AV Club talked to Paul Rudd.

I don't feel like it should be that shocking that people watch TV and surf the web simultaneously.

We finish up with Stephen Malkmus and his rootsy disciples Blitzen Trapper covering the James Gang's "Funk #49" live on stage in St. Louis. Hurrah.