There are lots of great rock shows happening tonight, but before any of that goes down, The Columbus Crew will be hosting a pep rally at Easton Town Centre to pump up for Saturday's do-or-die home playoff match. The entire team will be at the Easton Station building from 6:30-8 p.m., and some of them will later filter over to Fado to watch the New England-Chicago match. If I weren't skipping town tonight, I would totally be there.

Then I would make my way to one of these concerts:

Mod-obsessed indie rockers/Elephant 6 associates Dressy Bessy make their way from Denver to Bernie's, 1896 N. High St. They'll be joined by Minneapolis tour mates One for the Team and newish local band Blastronauts, whose live show reminds me of '90s-era Flaming Lips. My preview has more. 9 p.m. doors, $6 cover.

Castanets and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, two Brooklyn artists that combine indie rock and folk music in different ways, will headline a marquee show at The Summit, 2210 Summit St. I'm not that familiar with Castanets, but I saw MBAR at Milo last month opening for Damien Jurado and found his live show to be more of a '90s slacker rock thing than the futuristic folk of his debut LP. This one starts at 9 p.m. and costs $8. Winter Makes Sailors will play early.

Local indie rockers Karate Coyote are celebrating the release of their Move EP with a free show tonight at a place called Garage Bar, which, no kidding, is next door to Lodge Bar. (147 Vine St., to be exact.) I'm looking for Fromage Bar next. Anyway, This Is My Suitcase and The Moondrones will also play. 10 p.m. start.

Also worth noting: Hard rockers Psyopus at Ravari Room and country superstars Alan Jackson and Trace Adkins at The Schott.

One final note: That 30 Rock episode with Oprah airs tonight at 9:30 on NBC. I've seen it, and you ought to see it too.