Today is Election Day. If you haven't already voted, be sure to get in line before 7:30 p.m. If you didn't register, what were you thinking??? If you still need help deciding, Alive and The Dispatch published voter guides.

Once your ballot is cast, there are plenty of ways to enjoy watching the tallies roll in, regardless of whether your candidate prevails. For one thing, Alive is hosting a free ballot returns party at 9 p.m. at Eddie George's Grille 27, 1636 N. High St. Eat, drink and contribute to John Ross' live blog. Those who'll be staying at home to keep tabs on stuff can access the live blog from Eddie George's here.

And for a more outlandish Election Day celebration, head to Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave., where theatrical-musical troupe Hugs & Kisses will present "Black Tuesday," an election-themed musical narrative. Should be ridiculous and touching, if previous Hugs & Kisses experiences hold up. It starts at 10 p.m. and is free.