Season 2 Online Premiere - Flight of the Conchords (US Only) - watch more funny videos

Hooray! Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords is here! Above, you can watch the season premiere, which will stream online through Sunday. The quirky musical comedy returns to HBO next month.

What else? Well, speaking of HBO, Oprah is developing some shows for them.

Jessica Alba has joined Jack Black as a guest star on the post-Super Bowl episode of The Office. Not sure how I feel about all this star power coming to Scranton.

The trial to determine whether the Watchmen movie can come out will begin Jan. 20.

Dexter's executive producer talked to E! about the third season finale. (I intend to get into this show at some point, but I have been two episodes into season 1 for about a year now.)

Rick Rubin's tenure as an exec could be coming to a close.

Time is the latest publication to chime in with lists of the year's best albums and singles. In their quest to tackle "the top 10 everything," they also rate the year's best TV shows, movies, video games and much more.

AV Club revisits the year in film.

Slate, meanwhile, recounts the year in books.

Harrison Ford is starring in the new J.J. Abrams movie. (Not the Star Trek reboot, mind you.)

EW mourns the loss of Pushing Daisies with a list of 31 shows loved and lost.

Animal Collective to music pirates: If you're going to leak part of the album, please just leak the whole thing.

Lastly, here is a Radiohead-soundtracked commercial for the NBA.