The Golden Globes went down last night. EW runs down the winners and remembers the best (and worst) moments.

Bono's first New York Times op-ed ran over the weekend.

This dude has written more than 800 negative reviews at IMDB.

Pitchfork has an interview with the founders of Kranky Records, celebrating its 15th anniversary.

They also sat down with Lady Sovereign, who's back after a self-imposed exile.

AV Club blogs on "The remains of The Wire."

The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg's posse) announced the tracklist for their debut album.

The dude who plays Dexter and somebody else from Dexter got married in real life.

Vinyl sales were up 89 percent last year.

Slate doesn't want TVs and computers to gradually bleed into each other and become one.

Is the world ready for a Whitney Houston comeback album?

MTV has canceled its inaugural ball.

OMG IS KANYE GOING GRAY? He wants to let you know he definitely is not.

Fleet Foxes will be on SNL this week.

Last weekend, however, was the time for Neil Patrick Harris to shine. Let's close out with his SNL monologue from Saturday.