Two shows worth pimping tonight:

•One: A bastion of fine young indie folk acts is taking over Ruby Tuesday, 1978 Summit St. Our Cat Philip (pictured) headlines; I've written about them before, and given the way people go gaga for them, they should definitely be on your radar. Besides their fey, elegant songcraft, the trashcan-wielding Southern stomp of Saintseneca and the Decemberists-informed rattle of Kingsli will be on display. It's billed as a 9 p.m. start (yeah right) and costs $5. A good way to spend your Thursday indeed!

•Two: The Main Street Gospel leads a lineup of likeminded rockers at Circus, 1227 N. High St. (You may know it as High Five.) Joining the shoegazey roots rockers will be TV Eye and a vaguely post-rock-sounding combo called The Moondrones. This is also pegged as a 9 p.m. show. It will probably cost $5 too, though I know the Circus guys were talking about doing some cheaper shows so maybe you'll get lucky. Anyway, it's a second swell option for this bitterly cold Thursday.