Slumdog Millionaire dominated this year's Academy Awards. Here's a list of winners as well as commentary from The Dispatch. As Pitchfork notes, M.I.A. did not win.

David Bazan of Pedro the Lion/Headphones is doing a house show tour. Want him to play your house? Get in touch!

Is this the best rock movie since Spinal Tap?

The new U2 album is streaming at MySpace. I fear extreme mediocrity. Prove me wrong, Edge!

Idolator offers seven-word reviews of seven new pop songs that leaked last week.

AMC will repeat Mad Men Season 2 starting March 8.

What caused Robert Smith to disagree violently with Radiohead?

TV Guide's weekly Lost video includes some very interesting teasers and theories.

Tracy Morgan is coming back to host SNL.

AV Club lists 22 crucial film cadavers (no zombies allowed!).

This Onion story about Michael Bay is too good.

Here's a list of 18 great music Tumbleblogs.

Would The Office really get rid of Michael Scott? I don't believe they would.

Bob Nastanovich's wedding resulted in a unique performance featuring various combinations of Pavement and Silver Jews.

We conclude with Conan's conclusion specifically, The White Stripes' kinda disappointing run through "We're Going to Be Friends" to close out O'Brien's 17 years on Late Night. (Watch the full show here.) See you in L.A., Conan. I hope you indeed do not grow up.