The Bonnaroo lineup is out, and it's good. Among the names that I'd like to check out: Bruce Springsteen, Animal Collective, Bon Iver, Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails... (there's also two Phish sets if you're into that sort of thing).

Christian Bale went on a profanity-filled rant on the set of Terminator: Salvation. Hear it at TMZ. (Weird accent shifting going on there.) Also, dance-rock darlings The Mae Shi wrote a song about Bale's freakout. I love how fast this stuff happens.

Former Pitchfork writer Nick Sylvester wrote a long, thought-provoking response to that goofy theory that Animal Collective was created on the internet. It's definitely "inside baseball" music critic stuff, but I highly enjoyed it.

With tentatively positive reviews like this one, Heroes keeps almost tempting me to come back. Thankfully, negative reviews like this one set me straight. Lost forever!

I like how brutally blunt this guy is about his intentions for starting a band.

Turns out The Daily Show is doing fine post-Obama.

Larry David is starring in the next Woody Allen movie.

Super Bowl viewers in Arizona had their sportscast interrupted by 10 seconds of pornography.

AV Club talked to Coraline animator Henry Selick.

They also gave the Random Roles treatment to Adam Baldwin (aka brawny secret agent Casey from Chuck).

Those Gossip Girl stars are (allegedly) serious cheapos!

How did I not realize Buddy Holly was only 22 when he died? Today is the 50th anniversary of his fatal plane crash.

The Daily Swarm linked to this massive list of musicians, bands and record labels that Twitter.

Speaking of which, Erykah Badu and her boo twittered (tweeted?) throughout the birth of their child.

Wanna stream some new Lil Wayne? Sure you do! This "Yeahhh" track is real hot stuff... definitely a must-hear. Also, I like this: "It's like he's stuck in that space where you realize your entire arm is on fire and people turn into scorching skeletons when you tap them on the shoulder. You know what I mean? No? You are not Wayne."

What about new Fleet Foxes? Uh huh.

Let's keep going with new music links: There's a new Raekwon track getting raves too.

You can stream the entire new Lily Allen album at MySpace.

And how about a new video from Cam'ron? Wes Flexner has it for you.

And I am way into this new video from Tombs, or at least the song therein. It's called "Gossamer." (Here I thought I had discovered some hip metal pick all on my own on the Ravari Room site, and it turns out Pitchfork is all up on them already.)