Faith No More

Faith No More has lined up a reunion tour, but it's an exclusively European jaunt.

Somebody was stalking David Caruso.

Wired has a Q&A with Scott Plagenhoef of Pitchfork.

Ugh... Diablo Cody is producing a zombie romantic comedy.

Congress is hosting a hearing on the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger. Jim DeRogatis offers a preview of the proceedings, while Hitsville suggests 26 questions that should be asked.

I'm sad to report that everyone's favorite TV personality, Charles Barkley, is going to jail. I'm happy to report that it's only for five days.

In light of Slumdog Millionaire's big night at the Oscars, here's a slideshow of India's real slumdogs.

Speaking of Slumdog, PopWatch wonders if Danny Boyle will finally get some respect now that he's an Oscar-winning director.

Also from PopWatch: What's your favorite PSA?

Want a sneak peak of this week's Lost?

A 190-minute director's cut of Watchmen will hit theaters in July. Here are some clips.

A Melrose Place remake is officially happening. So is HBO's Anthony Keidis drama.

Lastly, Cleveland resident/Kanye collaborator Kid Cudi finally released the official video for his breakthrough single "Day N Nite." Train your eyeballs on it.

kid cudi - day 'n' nite
by 75_prod