The LA Times has a spoiler-y chat with Rebecca Mader of Lost. And TV Guide has a new Lost video. (By the way, Lost is streamed online more than any other show! I even did it myself last night.)

For Valentine's Day, AV Club had Eugene Mirman answer readers' questions about sex, life and love. They also tackled Valentine's Day mixtapes.

Also, Slate has some romantic sonnets not written by Shakespeare.

And if you still need a date for tomorrow, Matt Pinfield's looking...

A dude from French Band Air has scored a French film about magic deoderant.

Now that Paul Blart: Mall Cop was a hit, Kevin James will star in The Zookeeper. Ugh...

Pitchfork talked to Diplo about his favorite things. He's coming to Skully's April 17, you know.

U2 will play a five-night residency on Letterman to promote their new album, No Line on the Horizon.

An online talk show with Andy Dick sounds like it could get very seedy very fast.

Ozzfest already went from a tour to a one-off festival. Now it has been postponed altogether, "so Ozzy can work on his new album."

And speaking of Ozzfest vets, Trent Reznor has been spotted in the studio with Jane's Addiction. What could be going on there?

We wrap up with a new video from Doves called "Kingdom of Rust."