The Thermals

The Thermals are offering a free download from their forthcoming LP. The last one was siiiiick.

Muzak and has declared bankruptcy! So has Sirius! I wonder if it went down like this.

Is Thom Yorke writing music for the new Terminator movie? Let's just hope he's professional about it.

Anne Heche has joined the cast of Hung, a new HBO series about a particularly well-endowed high school basketball coach. How have I not heard about this until now?

DoneWaiting has a cool interview with local art/music dude Mike Carney about his cover art for groups like The Heartless Bastards and The Black Keys.

AV Club has a Random Roles interview with Bruce Campbell.

Rolling Stone wonders why bands sound so terrible on SNL.

I can't think of a much better cover than A.C. Newman doing "Take on Me."

Apparently the new economic stimulus package ain't too kind to the arts.

Radio stations aren't running from Chris Brown quite as fast as you might think.

Hah. Death Cab for Cutie wore ribbons to the Grammys in protest of auto-tuner abuse.

Do you agree with TV Guide's picks for the 12 smartest shows on TV?

Wow, more than half of Hulu's users are 55 or older. Crazy!

We conclude with a montage of the best moments from Lil Wayne's appearance on ESPN's Around the Horn. That's right, Weezy went on Around the Horn! And he won!