Whoa (in a bad way), Ticketmaster and Live Nation might merge? Are you guys ready for even higher convenience charges? Idolator speculates on the fallout.

And whoa (in a good way), a new song by Booker T that features Drive By Truckers and Neil Young as the backing band! (Where have the MGs gone?)

The week's hot trend: Christian Bale freakout remixes.

Even the E Street Band was faking it at the Super Bowl? Weak!

Pitchfork has an interview with the disappointing Franz Ferdinand. The interview is more entertaining than the new album.

More music festival news, and this not so rosy: Miami's Langerado Festival has been canceled.

Hahaha: You gotta see these awesome pics of a young Simon Cowell.

Slate profiles "MrBabyMan," the most influential user on Digg, the web's biggest popularity contest.

And I've got to link to this one too: Does Michael Phelps' extraordinary lung capacity enable him to take extraordinarily huge bong hits and get extraordinarily stoned?

American TV would never go for the British short-season model, right?

Lost is on tonight, of course. So EW has a new Doc Jensen column, of course.

AV Club talks to some alumni from The State.

I was just wondering what ever happened to that Coldplay-Joe Satriani dispute. Turns out the bald wanker hasn't been able to track down the British blokes to serve them their papers, but that should change at the Grammys.

NBC's boss says we can expect more overt product integration like the MacGruber/Pepsi thing from the Super Bowl.

The new solo album from The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach is streaming at MySpace.

Finally, I like that David Letterman isn't afraid to skewer a guest in this case, recently impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. According to Ken Tucker, Letterman prefaced the talk by quipping, "For the life of me, I have no idea why this guy's here." Sassy!