Sorry, no links today. Too much other blogging/writing/interviewing to attend to. Don't worry, Friday links will be back next week.

Anyway, I have decided to try a weekly roundup of my favorite pop culture entities of the week, a la Pop Candy's This Week in Pop. So, say hello to Obsessions of the Week!

(1) Topping the list is Kanye West's "Welcome to Heartbreak." I have been fond of this song since 808s and Heartbreak dropped late last year. But ever since that trippy video came out last week, I haven't been able to quit listening to Kanye and Kid Cudi's ode to the despair of a life wasted on materialism. Can't stop havin' these visions! I gotta get wit' it! (Oooh. Oooh. Oooooooh.) "Paranoid" is probably still my favorite track on 808s, although this one is a close second, and it fits a lot better with the "depressed Kanye" theme.

(2) I've also been ceaselessly rockin' those new releases from Athens I wrote about last week, particularly Southeast Engine's From the Forest to the Sea. I'm not sure if anything will ever top 2005's Coming to Terms With Gravity in my mind. I used to go see the band play those songs every week during college, so I have a lot of personal nostalgia wrapped up in there, but I'm still convinced it's the most satisfying work the band has released. (Download it for free from Misra Records!) However, this new one is quite the grower, and seeing the band perform these tunes last weekend at The Treehouse helped to firm up my appreciation of these tracks, which manage to be esoteric and accessible at once. It takes time to learn these songs' twists and turns, but the reward is worth the investment. I'm thinking Forest will end up a solid second in my personal Southeast Engine hierarchy. Favorite tracks at the moment: "Black Gold" and "Law-Abiding Citizen."

(3) John Locke/Jeremy Bentham. Lost was pretty great this week, huh? I keep returning to Doc Jensen's preview and recap to ponder the philosophical and theological significance of everything that has gone down the past two weeks. Also, Benjamin Linus doubles as one cold bastard and the best character on TV. (Watch the latest episodes here.)

(4) A friend turned me on to Bangkok, which may be the best Thai restaurant in town. It's actually quite easy to get there. Just take 33 to Refugee Road and drive behind the Burger King. There you'll find the restaurant and an accompanying grocery, allowing you the opportunity to recreate these culinary delights at home. Try the Pad Ki Mao, and definitely get some soup to split with the rest of your party. Best part of the meal by far!