Back in the early 90s, Dan Spurgeon played in loud-ass Columbus combo Greenhorn, a highly influential, highly regarded purveyor of Cowtown slop. Now his main gig seems to be Bush League All Stars, but he also punches the clock in The Flashing Clock. Whenever I listen to the band's splendid 2008 release, Hot Brown, I wonder why I don't pop it in more often, so expertly does it put a . (Listen to the whole thing here.)

On the same token, I would certainly listen to You're So Bossy records on the regular if they ever released any music. The pop-rockers supreme, fronted by esteemed drummer-turned-esteemed songwriter Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks, Gaunt, The Sun, RJD2), have only unveiled one studio recording to the world, as far as I know: "Ready Made," their contribution to last year's Alive Amplified compilation. Every time they play, they slay witness the above video from their ComFest set from a couple years ago so I'm really hoping they'll at least put up a MySpace page soon.

For now, the only way to bask in You're So Bossy's glow for more than one song at a time is to attend one of their shows, such as the one lined up for tonight at the Treehouse, 887 Chambers Rd. And whaddaya know, The Flashing Clock is playing too, along with superb solo singer-songwriter Todd May. Things will get started around 10 p.m. Your $5 will be well-spent.