I never used to get into St. Patrick's Day, even as an excuse to drink. But ever since I started hanging out with The Drowsy Lads (pictured), this most Irish of holidays has seemed like a much bigger occasion. I'll be celebrating down at the Shamrock Club, 60 W. Castle Rd., later tonight. The Irish Brigade will play their annual reunion concert, and my dear friend Josh is (finally) turning 21. Should be a great night!

There's much more to do in Columbus this St. Paddy's day. Our own Nikki Davis put together an extensive guide to the day's entertainment options. For some reason Claddagh, 585 S. Front St., wasn't included, but they have an excellent slate of activities today too.

Before you engage in any of this, you ought to check out John Ross' exquisite story about Irish music, and feel free to peruse my feature on the Shamrock Club.