Artist: Brainbow Song: "Trance Figure"

Brainbow is this town's premier purveyor of widescreen guitar tapestry. The five-man unit already had one fine album and countless slack-jawed admirers to its credit, but now fan/friend/local artist Nathan Ober tacked another notch in Brainbow's belt: Their own video game. Brainbow Joust is a surprisingly difficult web-based platform that charges you, the sword-bearing Brainbow member, with spearing various winged creatures on the back of a Pegasus. This epic struggle is set to the strains of "Trance Figure," a favorite from last year's debut album. (This feature should brush you up.)

The Brainbros take the stage Saturday at Skully's, 1151 N. High St., where they'll join The American Jobs in opening for Gil Mantera's Party Dream. No details on cover charge as of yet, but it should range between $5 and $10. 10 p.m. show.