Fly Union - "Gold Chain" (On Credit) from Eighty81 on Vimeo.

Artist: Fly.Union Song: "Gold Chain (On Credit)"

Wow, three rap acts in a row in the Local Love column. I normally would want to change styles up a bit, but there's good reason to feature 2008 Band to Watch Fly.Union today: They just released this hilarious video for "Gold Chain (On Credit)." Apparently it's a single from their much-delayed full-length debut, which according to the video is called We In the House. (I'm not counting Kill Fly.U as the debut; that was a comp, not technically a group release. Plus, although it had a couple bangers on it, they've come a long way as rappers and producers since then.)

This clip continues Fly.U's trend of defying hip-hop stereotypes. Jerreau calls out every rapper who boasts about his pimped out whip and his fresh kicks but can't seem to pay the bills. There's a knowing glint in his eye throughout, tipping us off that he's as guilty of this sort of fronting as anybody else. (After all, these are the same guys who had me rapping along with verses about their Nikes last summer.)

It's cool to see somebody in the rap game finding the middle ground between meritless bravado and sniveling self-pity. It's especially cool that they're from Columbus.

Fly.Union's next Whudup Wednesday event is at 9 p.m. this Wednesday at Club Icon, 231 5th St.