Nick Tolford

I'm going to try to feature a different local band every day, Frontstage style. (Or should I say "Song of the Day style"?) Here goes:

Artist: Nick Tolford and Company Song: "Until I Walk Away"

During his two-year stint playing bass for The Slide Machine, Nick Tolford helped that band transition from aimless wandering to a focused factory of brutally heavy prog rock. I was surprised when he left the band last year to do his own thing, but I was even more surprised when I found out just what that thing is.

Tolford's music is straight up '60s soul, complete with cooing background singers and smoke-filled-room production. His husky croon is shockingly potent, and his songwriting is nearly as strong. We've been bumping Tolford's tracks, especially "Until I Walk Away," all day in the office, and we had to check to make sure these weren't covers of forgotten classics. Nope. It's all Tolford, and it's all good.