Booker T is guesting on the first new Rancid album in six years.

Wednesday means new Lost, which means new Doc Jensen. Also, TV Guide has an interview with Sterling Beaumon, the actor who plays young Ben. To all the John Ross types out there, you don't want to read this unless you're totally caught up.

Devo is working on a biopic.

AV Club has a Random Roles feature with Wallace Shawn.

Pitchfork interviewed The National's Aaron Dessner about the (totally sweet) Dark Was the Night compilation.

This new film stars James Franco and Danny McBride.

Seeqpod filed for bankruptcy. That's OK; LaLa and last.fm are better anyway.

Heads up: A new compilation curated by Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse (sweet!) is on its way.

Slate explains why Andy Richter is the best late-night TV sidekick ever.

Gizmodo explains how to get the most out of your BitTorrent experience.

TV Guide has an interview with Friday Night Lights producer Jason Katims.

Today's closing video comes from Cryptacize, a Brooklyn band featuring former Deerhoof guitarist Chris Cohen that puts its records out on Sufjan Stevens' Asthmatic Kitty label.