They're baaaaack...

That's right: Creed is reuniting. In response, I'm creating my own prison and locking myself inside.

Fox has chosen to air American Idol instead of President Obama's press conference.

The Wire creator David Simon, who will be in town Friday to deliver the keynote address at the Columbus Museum of Art's Art Under Surveillance symposium, is considering doing a show about the history of the CIA.

Paste is smothering its site in Bob Dylan content for today in celebration of his new album Together Through Life.

Scrubs could be coming back for a ninth season as a sort of Scrubs: The Next Generation thing without Zach Braff and other key players.

Is any SNL cast member of the past decade more beloved than Amy Poehler?

I was really feeling Eat Skull down at SXSW, so definitely check out the new MP3 Stereogum posted.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but Michael Caine let slip that the villain in the next Batman movie will be The Riddler. Rumored for the part: Johnny Depp.

AV Club got Eugene Mirman (who I also saw at SXSW) to offer some tips for opening bands.

I guess Clipse is as close to the drug game as they claim to be.

A lot of people are campaigning to keep Chuck on the air. Apparently there's a good chance their efforts will pay off.

Today's closing video comes from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, who will play The Summit this Friday with Zaza and Tin Armor. The clip is called "Young Adult Friction."