Wilco's new album is called Wilco (The Album). How awesome is that? Also, the first track is called "Wilco the Song." They played it on Colbert last fall, and it's hella good. I expect better than Sky Blue Sky this time.

Lost is back tonight after a two-week break, and Doc Jensen's geekbait column is especially good today. Also, Variety talked to the show's script coordinator.

Henry Winkler sat down for AV Club's Random Roles feature.

What was the world's first indie record label?

People who worked on Lil Wayne's rock album insist it will be awesome. Of course they do.

The Hills will carry on without Lauren Conrad.

The dude from Black Dice listened to shockingly soft and poppy music as a child.

Wow, look at all the lost keys, cameras and cell phones from Coachella.

Better stick around after the credits when you see Wolverine.

Turns out Zach Braff could be back for at least some of the episodes if Scrubs returns for a ninth season.

How does a 16-year-old get her own show on WFMU?

Our daily video is Deerhoof's "Numina." Dance!