Wing & Tusk

Over at DoneWaiting they're tracking this year's ComFest schedule as bands leak out set times little by little. Here's a quick synopsis of what has come out so far, plus a few more I scrounged up on my own. Bookmark this page and come back for future updates as the schedule starts to take shape. This year's ComFest is June 26-28.

Note: Some of this info seems to be contradictory. Check the logjam in the 3 o'clock hour Friday at the Off-ramp. Speaking of which, see you at the Off-ramp.


Main stage 03:20 p.m. Josh Fitzwater and the Shambles

Off-ramp stage 12:00 p.m. Old Worlds 02:40 p.m. Ghengis Green 03:15 p.m. Wing & Tusk 03:30 p.m. Ginger Fetus 04:40 p.m. The Lost Revival 06:10 p.m. Church of the Red Museum 09:00 p.m. Day Creeper 10:00 p.m. Bush League All Stars


Main stage 10:00 p.m. The Floorwalkers

Off-ramp stage 12:00 p.m. Bird and Flower 12:40 p.m. The Kyle Sowashes 01:20 p.m. Bookmobile 03:30 p.m. Hotel Eden 04:25 p.m. Flotation Walls 05:10 p.m. The Receiver

Gazebo stage 05:00 Ghost Shirt

Solar stage 11:30 a.m. Electric Grandmother 09:40 p.m. Super Desserts 10:30 p.m. Couch Forts


Off-ramp stage 04:30 p.m. Dead Set Ready