Artist: Chubbie Baby Song: "Superstar Status" feat. Bobby Valentino

I have to admit I had never heard of Columbus rapper-producer Chubbie Baby until a couple months ago when John Ross started hyping him to me over the cubicle wall. But it turns out this very publication wrote about the former Dipset affiliate way back in 2006, a few months before I was hired. Then Wes Flexner updated us on his activities at the end of '06, including acting in Cam'ron's ridiculous movie Killa Season and landing a couple beats on Killa Cam's album of the same name.

Even without the famous affiliates, dude is worth knowing about based on the fire he brings to an already hot beat from Sinatra. He deals in simple but effective imagery "I'm in the coupe with two models like Bruce Wayne"; "I'm aggravatin'/ I'm hoggin' up two lanes" and spits it with breathy intensity. And OK, this music would rule even without a competent MC on the mic. It's the definition of a would-be hit.