Artist: Ipps Song: "Goawa"

I haven't been super fond of the direction Necropolis has taken their music in recent years. Their new stuff often seems like nothing more than Bo Davis screaming over a bunch of anonymous clatter, which bums me out considering they used to be my favorite local band. On the plus side, each member is involved in some other badass band Bo Davis and Adam Smith in The Unholy Two, B.J. Holesapple in Vile Gash and Mat Bisaro in a whole slew of cool projects.

The latest planet in the Necropolis universe is Ipps, Bo and Emily Davis' outlet for the raw, melodic creations that don't fit their primary band's framework. Whether in the sprightly Vaselines cover embedded above or the dirgy "Goawa" on their MySpace page, Ipps captures a side of the Davis duo heretofore unseen, one just as gnarly as Necropolis but skewed ever so slightly toward pop. I dig it.

They'll be at Cafe Bourbon Street Thursday with Fey Gods, Day Creeper and So Cow.