Today you get double the Local Love to make up for yesterday's absence. To wit, two heavy-hitting locals who'll be playing Ravari Room tonight:

Artist: Mouth of the Architect Song: "Harboring an Apparition"

Mouth of the Architect could have gone kaput last year when guitarist Greg Lahm left, frustrated with his bandmates over some conflict I've never been completely filled in on, and formed Struck By Lightning. Instead they carried on without him. I haven't seen this reconfigured version of the band, nor have they released any new recordings, to my knowledge. So while I can't comment on any new direction, I'd say it's a good bet they'll be playing some of the old stuff tonight. To wit: "Harboring an Apparition," from 2006's The Ties That Blind, is a pretty brilliant combination of Mogwai's slow-building drama crunch (Sigur Ros, even?) and the bottom-dragging filth of Jesu and Swans. Listen at MySpace.

Artist: Kenoma Song: "Nature of Empire"

Kenoma, like MOTA, matches a slow, heavy plod with thickly layered harmonies. And like MOTA, the group has at least one member based in Dayton. But Kenoma doesn't think it's fair to say they sound like MOTA. Kenoma is, after all, completely instrumental. There's less focus on melody here; instead, it's about making every slow blow hit with the power of 1,000 wizards. (Or something.) Listen at MySpace.