Artist: Our Cat Philip Song: "Dana's Song"

Our Cat Philip's fey bedroom pop is plenty polarizing. But even if some folks spurn Max Sollisch's fragile squawks and world-weary lyrics, those same sounds have won the young quartet a crew of especially devoted followers in the time since I wrote about them last summer. I think it's fair to say you either dig it or you despise it; even though I sometimes oscillate between enjoyment and revulsion with this stuff depending on my mood, it always provokes some sort of reaction.

"Dana's Song" is the opening selection from OCP's new Outer Sounds Session, and it's leaving me firmly planted on the "love" side of the fence right now. Sollisch's broken cries of "Oh, Dana!" cut extra deep with Emily Ng's violin swirling in the background. They make the most of minimalism here, occasionally bringing in some sound from their closetful of instruments but never overwhelming the ballad's vocals/guitar/violin core. The extended percussive outro is particularly stunning.

Our feline friends are playing Thursday at Oldfield's on High, 2590 N. High St., as part of the latest Outer Sounds showcase with The Nuclear Children, Trains Across the Sea and DJ Self Help.