Artist: The Feelers Song: "Just Can't Get Enough"

The Feelers played two or three "last shows" last year, but I thought Columbus' premier punk band was officially laid to rest this time. Instead, they've reformed for one night only to open for The Stitches tonight at The Summit, 2210 Summit St. To be utterly cheesy, I could suggest these guys "Just Can't Get Enough," as indicated in today's spotlight track. Their persistent refusal to die is cool with me. This song reminds me of why their shows were always so much fun. The violently intense vocals color this music as dark and devious, but its energy could just as easily be sporadic joy in milder hands. Even call and response comes off as some ritualistic death knell here.

The Agit Reader ran a good interview with The Feelers last year when they called it quits. I also wrote a band obituary that managed to be even cheesier than that nonsense from the previous paragraph.